Working hard (or hardly working)


January 25, 2013 by photojkc

Tuesday morning, my dad texted to ask if our goats were out of the way on 3 Aces so that he could move cattle down the path between two pastures. After James took off to go check, he asked if I wanted to help. When James got back, I took off to get my horse (Prettiest Horse on Earth) saddled, got him loaded with the rest, and Joe, Papa, and I took off in the feed truck and two trucks and trailers.

The goal in any cow working is to make things as easy and efficient as possible. Joe was to use the feed truck to entice the cattle into the pens, and the horses were there for when all that failed or their were stragglers, as often happens. This time, it worked. The cattle penned, they got sorted, and basically loaded themselves. A stunned silence fell upon us. What do we do now? We have saddled horses.. would be a shame to let that go to waste!


PHoE was getting bored.

Papa invited us to go ride the newest acreage that he and my uncle purchased. It is 1600 acres of hills and pasture and rough places with some really neat history mixed in.  But first, food! We dropped cattle off at respective pastures and went to Putnam to eat Sue’s good cooking.

035Joe and Papa on their iPhones. I guess I wasn’t entertaining enough.

We crossed Spring Mesa until we came to the gate we planned to take to get onto the new place. Apparently, their aren’t just a lot of ways to get across it, especially by truck, and even by horse. We unloaded and took off up hills and over rocks and through trees.

036 037 039 040 038042

PHoE handled the hills and rocks like a champ, even with no shoes on. It was a gorgeous day and the air just smelled amazing. At one point I heard an awful noise and stopped to listen. Across the smaller hills was a bigger hill, and we saw the largest herd of hogs running across and squealing to high heaven. It was a horrible noise, and I can only imagine pooping my pants trying to run away from a bunch of the vermin while they are squealing at me. I am not a hunter, but I REALLY want to shoot a hog!


Give me a map and I can get anywhere. Put me in cedar trees and find me days later crying and emaciated. Ok, maybe more than a few days later on the emaciated part!


When it opened up into pasture, it was absolutely beautiful. We came to a part that my dad called ‘String Town’. It was made up of more than a dozen homes of people that worked on the ranch in the early 1900’s. There isn’t much left from those days, but there is an extremely old windmill through which a cedar tree had grown up. You can also see a circular area next to it that must have been some sort of water tank type thing when the windmill was running. They sure picked a beautiful spot to put String Town.

044 045

The windmill


An old broken water trough had some cool bottles in it. I need to go back and collect them!


PHoE stayed tied to a tree while we walked around the old town site. The cattle that the previous owner is leaving on the property for a few months couldn’t decide what to do, so they would get closer and closer and then run away, and then sneak back up again. I hope to return with a metal detector and a shovel soon, before the rattle snakes get moving.

Next we headed East towards a working windmill and tank. Papa told me he and Kyle had drank some of the water and not gotten the shits, but I was not thirsty. The horses had a drink.

053 059 060

The water was surprisingly pretty and clear. There was small trough close to the ground that my horse found easier to drink from.

We started to head back towards the trailer when Joe decided to show out and take off up a steep hill. I was perfectly happy on the trail, but Papa found a good place to go up, so I had to follow or go it alone.


The dot right above my horse’s ear is Papa halfway up the hill. The tiny tiny dot on top of the hill to the left is Joe. When I gave my horse a nudge in their direction, he decided to take the hill at a high lope. We negotiated a more stable speed and made it up the hill, and I was glad we did. AMAZING view.

063 064

In the first you can see Caddo Peak. These pictures really do not do the view justice.


We followed a trail along the top of the hill and came to an opening and a place to go down. I am sure you can not tell, but from this spot, I can almost see to my house. We were amazed by how far we could see and all of the landmarks we could make out. We then made our way down the scary steep hill. My phone was going dead so I left it in my pocket and just enjoyed the scenery on the way back to the trailer. I saw a ton of great fossils and can not wait to come back and pick some up!

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day. I can not wait until Juddie can come with me!!


One thought on “Working hard (or hardly working)

  1. Amanda says:

    Wow…you really do live in God’s country! Beautiful pics 🙂

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